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Incomplete tasks due soon are also shown so you know exactly what you need to do, at a glance. Not all tasks are created equal. Why should you have to use a separate tool to track revision for those all important exams? With My Study Life, you can create a task and assign it to an exam so you know which areas you have left to revise.

Even the best of us lose track of time now and then. That's why you can tell My Study Life to remind you that a class or exam is about to start.

My Study Life can also remind you about incomplete tasks so you'll never forget an assignment or miss a lecture again. Ever lost or left your homework diary at school or round a friend's house? Or even your phone? My Study Life works offline too, so even if your school or university is in a coverage blackspot, you can still check your timetable and add tasks or anything for that matter and it will sync when you're back online.

My Study Life isn't just a calendar and a todo list. It's a seamless integration of all aspects of your study life designed for you to help you get organised and excel.

Tour What classes do I have today? Not just another calendar We understand that most school timetables work nothing like a traditional calendar so we didn't write My Study Life to be one. Rotation schedules As if school wasn't already difficult enough without needing to guess which classes you have every day.

Continue the tour Next up: Not just another to-do list To-do lists are great for simple tasks but just don't cut it for homework. Tasks, at a glance With traditional homework diaries, you have to flick through the pages trying to work out on which day that piece of homework that your friend has just reminded you is due tomorrow was set.

Revision tasks Not all tasks are created equal. Reminders Even the best of us lose track of time now and then. Whenever, wherever Ever lost or left your homework diary at school or round a friend's house? Fitted with a 'D' ring mechanism which allows the contents to lie flat easing the facility of retrieving or adding paper. The 25mm capacity allows lots of additional papers to be stored as well as holding The Primary School Diary.

Mixed Blue Purple Orange. Academic Year - next academic year Main Planning Section This is a page white section which includes seven term planning pages, DATED pages which run from August to July and completed with twelve pages for pupils records up to 36 pupils. General 16 pages on quality blue paper. Dedicated space for personal details. Marks pages for 15 groups with up to 40 pupils in each group. These pages can be used for recording marks, registering attendance etc.

Notes 16 pages on quality green paper. Wiro bound The complete book wiro bound and with strong anti-scuff matt laminated hardback covers.

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Scaffolding assignments york pa - custom homework diaries. Wrz 11 0. Scaffolding assignments york pa - custom homework diaries. Uncategorized. I was legit crying while answering the whole paper,partly bc i screwed up paper 1 & bc the essay questions encourage suicide.

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Gender reassignment surgery effectiveness - custom homework diaries. Gender reassignment surgery effectiveness - custom homework diaries. setembro 11, I hope mr finch realizes that i have to sit at home all alone writing his god damn essay while my sister goes to the mall! #die #fu. Custom planners allow content to be more relevant, increasing student engagement. You determine the content of every single page, from the front cover to the back. Create multiple editions, for each key stage or year group, at no extra cost.

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The UK's number one school planner, custom homework diaries, and educational materials print supplier. Buy student planners online today. A fully customised school diary can be a very important part of school life, aiding home-school communication, helping children and parents remember vital school information and assisting your existing homework policies.. With these fully customised school diaries, you decide the content of every page, ensuring that your school diaries are .