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Who and what is an American? Essay

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❶Compare and contrast essays are characterized by a basis for comparison, points of comparison, and analogies. For example, in the novel, A Raisin in the Sun, Beneatha is asking Asagai many questions about Africa because she was curious and she replies, " Mr.

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Essay on America
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We will write a custom essay sample on What is an American? Tied up in this idea is that stepping away from conforming to tradition on one hand and conforming to a new set of standards on the other. What is an American?.

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People come to live in America from an American Dream, which they define it has having material things like a great career, a huge home, and being successful in life.

This shows that a person does not need material things to reach his or her dream, all that that a person really needs is what they already have. This means its all about the way a person thinks that determines if they will reach their dream. A second example why many individuals come is because, "here individuals of all nations are melted into a new race of men, whose labors and posterity will one day cause great change in the world.

This shows that everyone is equal in the United States. America is now a melting pot of cultures so that everyone can be equal. If everyone is equal in one country then everyone will be able to succeed in life.

Refugees arrive from every location of the world to America in order to reach their American Dream. This shows that the Younger family is putting all their hopes for future fortune into the money that they are going to receive from the life insurance of the desist father.

They feel that this is the only way that they can reach their American Dream. Another example is that everyone has different dreams and they will reach their dreams at different times and ways. This shows that different people will reach their own dream at different paces. Its not how long it takes to reach their dream but how they reach their dream. Different dreams take different amount of times to reach, but all that matters is that they reach their dream.

Only through hard work and dedication can a person finally reach their American Dream no matter what it is. The United States is filled with many types of Americans that do not necessarily have to be from the United States of America. For example, in the novel, A Raisin in the Sun, Beneatha is asking Asagai many questions about Africa because she was curious and she replies, " Mr.

Asagai — I want very much to talk with you. Asagai, I am looking for my identity! Asagai is an American but he is not native from America. Therefore people would think that he is not a true American, when in fact he really is a true American because he reached his dream of being educated in the United States.

Beneatha asked Asagai several questions about his life because she wants to also find her true American from within. Furthermore, Walt Whitman in the poem "I Hear America Singing" he stated "each singing what belongs to him or her and to none else" Whitman This shows that different people have different hopes and dreams. There are many types of people in America and they all have different dreams.

There are many different types of Americans, but all have of them have an universal dream; to be an American. Many people that come from foreign location sacrifice many things in order to become an American. This shows that she believes that immigrants are forced to lose their culture and embrace the American way of life.

Beneatha feels that people cannot resist the urge to become assimilated and sacrifice their culture to live in America. A second example is from the Gettysburg Address. Abraham Lincoln stated in his speech that " This shows that many Americans have sacrificed their very lives in order to become a true American. America is going to change as more Americans give their lives for America but it will also change so that Americans do not have to give up their lives to protect America.

For example, in de Crevecoeur's writing of "What is An American? This shows that the citizens should not be the ones protecting the country at all times but the country should be protecting and providing for the citizens at all times. Home is a place that protects and feeds a citizen, not a place where the citizen is obligated to protect his country. This shows that he felt that he had reach his dream of finding his true self when his end was near.

McCandless felt that his life was complete and that his dream was full-filled. Everyone that lives in the Unites States will feel like their lives have been completed if they finally become true Americans. The title of "American" belongs to a person who has the right reasons to live in the United States but not necessarily native from there, who wants a better life and has sacrificed a lot to become an American and has a desire to become an American.

The main reason people come to the Unites States is because they want an overall better life and want to full-fill their niche in life. In order to be a true American does not mean that a person has to be born there but just live there. Americans cannot be limited by their origin so anyone can become. And with sacrifice earning the title of "American" will just make it that much sweeter at the end. But to earn the title the person will need deep desire because it might be a long road to earning it.

Your term paper requires you to 1 define what it is to be an American beyond the legal definitions. What dreams and aspirations are universal for most Americans? What do we all have in common? What are your dreams? What goals do you have?

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What is the True Meaning of "American"? What is the true meaning of being an American? Millions of people migrate into the United States of American in order to achieve their dream and earn the name of an American. People leave their old home to start a new one in the United States of American.

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American citizens have the freedom to live the lives that they choose and are passionate about retaining that right which so many of their predecessors have fought and died for. In conclusion, to be American is not as simple as being born in the United States. To be an American is about embracing the culture and way of life. Toward the end of the introduction to his latest anthology, “The Making of the American Essay,” published earlier this year, the essay-evangelist John D’Agata recounts the creation myth of the Cahto, a Native American people indigenous to coastal California.

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Free Essay: What it Means to be an American What does it mean to be an American? In my eyes to be an American means to have privileges, rights, and freedom. Being an American is something we all should be grateful for. American means to be proud, it means to stand up for what you believe in and to fight for it. American means to have the freedom to do what you wish, to practice your own religious ceremonies, customs, and beliefs.