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Analysis of the Green Mile Film

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❶Paul and Brutus, a sympathetic guard, along with Percy a conceded, immoral, and violent guard as well as the warden, begin their journey of extraordinary experiences with John Coffey that involves an intelligent mouse and the healing of the sick and wounded. Paying particular attention to Shakespeare's use of dramatic devices, compare the murder scenes of Duncan, Banquo and the Macduff family.

The Green Mile Essay Sample

For example, after seeing a mouse, the guards cleaned out the padded room to find it but did not succeed. Percy enters the commons area after they had returned everything back into the holding room.

Percy spots the mouse and goes wild. All the guards tell him to knock himself out because, after all, he will never catch him. Percy clears the room out and did not find the mouse. They communicated with eye contact and body language throughout the film with an understanding known only by the other guards.

Words were rarely spoken. Percy is excluded from this primary group because of his hateful and arrogant behavior which would put him in the secondary group as an existence among the other guards.

He held no honor in the eyes of the rest. Green Mile and Values Values are the criteria that emerge for people to use in judging what is appropriate, correct, moral and important.

For example, the guards practice the electrocution process for each man on death row before the execution takes place. In one scene they use one of the prisoners in the practice session and the prisoner makes a joke while in the electric chair and all the guards laugh except for Paul.

Paul immediately pulls the values back into perspective and tells everyone to stop because an execution will take place tomorrow and he did not want anyone to remember that moment and make a mistake because the act of electrocuting offered no room for mistakes or laughter. This is a prime example of a culture and as a system of beliefs shared by group members that guides and constrains their conduct.

Societal value consensus can be seen in both the beginning and ending of this film. In the beginning, the father of the two girls is on a man hunt with fellow neighbors. John is then spit on by the sheriff. There were no questions asked and the trial is short. This society just assumed that John had killed the girls. There was never a court scene to show innocent until proven guilty. Furthermore, Master Status has an importance for social identity that overrides other statuses.

Labeling and Functionalist Perspective. In a biased society, assigning deviant status to an individual dominates their identities and behaviors. Those being labeled seem powerless to change because they live the identity and behavior chosen by the labeler. Wharton is in jail because he killed three people and an officer during a hold up while attempting escape Green Mile John Coffey had many great qualities like Siddhartha.

At the end of the movie is when my life became part of the movie Genetics And Criminal Behavior Did you ever think you learn how to live and the meaning of life from someone on death row?

Even though the movie, The Green Mile, is about inmates who have committed deathly crimes and are on death row, the lesson is much more than about capital punishment Green Mile The Green Mile is about a man who is now living in an old-age home, and is telling a story to his friend Elaine Connelly.

After six decades of working as the head guard on Death Row at Cold Mountain Penitentiary, he had finally retired after the execution of John Coffey The Green Mile father is told by the mother that the 2 little girls are missing, he gets a whole crowwd together to look for the little girls. The cinematography was also exceedingly well done. The fact that Tattersall accomplishes this feat is equivalent to a miracle in itself. The movie is filmed in Louisiana during the Depression.

Ironically, the location of the filming, the old Tennessee State Prison, closed in due to inmates and former prisoners filing a class action lawsuit Grubbs v. A Federal injunction against the Department of Corrections prevented the prison from ever being used as a prison again due to atrocious conditions, riots and murders that occurred there.

This scene encompasses it all — lighting, music, sounds, special effects, camera angles. Seen through the memories of Paul Edgecomb, the movie is told in flashback format. It makes no haste to get to the supernatural powers of Coffey, but instead it provides the audience the experience of touring the mile, and delivers the opportunity to get to know and create relationships with the guards and the inmates on the mile. It begins in the summer of , which was not a good one for Paul.

When new prisoner, John Coffey arrives, things are never the same. Coffey, a massive seven-foot, black inmate looms over all the guards in the establishing shot. His massiveness is almost comical in comparison to guard Wetmore. However, right from the start, you get the impression that Coffey is not what he is made out to be. This implicit content lets the viewer know that Coffey is no murderer. The Green Mile also contains many other literary elements. When examined, these elements reveal symbolism, irony, and metaphors.

This color is traditionally the color of peace and has a strong correspondence with safety. If a sense of peace is need anywhere, the mile is one of them. This is the last walk the inmates must take before their execution. The inmates need that serenity as they prepare to meet their maker. Why would Paul make that comparison? Most inmates that are on death row have some form of mental illness.

As such, inmates awaiting execution on death row are considered seriously ill mentally , and thus must be handled by specially trained staff. In the movie, inmates sit on death row only days prior to their scheduled execution. In the real world, that is not the case. In the United States, the time between sentencing and execution was calculated in days or weeks when the constitution was first written. This gentle giant possesses the powers of healing much like that of Christ.

From the exploding light bulbs, to the resurrections of Melinda and Mr. From a structuralist approach, the aforementioned symbolisms are bountiful in the film. While the root of this story is not very unique, the way the individuals are drawn and the storyline unfolds is quite fascinating.

Captain Paul Edgecomb was a man trying to be and do his best at his job. As for his dilemma, he comes to the realization that although it is his job to oversee and conduct executions on the mile, all actions have consequences, and he will someday have to answer for his. For the first time in his life, Paul is afraid of actually going to hell because of his actions. Paul, now sure that Coffey is an innocent man after bearing witness to the miracles he performs, considers setting Coffey free.

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The Green Mile Set on Death Row in a Southern prison in , The Green Mile is the remarkable story of the cell block's head guard, who develops an emotional, and unusual relationship with one inmate who possesses a magical gift that is both mysterious and miraculous.

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The Green Mile Essay example Words | 5 Pages. The Green Mile Frank Darabont (writer-director-producer) in , returned to the director’s chair for the first time in five years. The Green Mile. Emily Henry Saber Academy Language Arts 24 May The Green Mile Essay The Green Mile is a book about miracles and belief in the seemingly impossible. Paul Edgecombe, the narrator of the story, is a prison guard at Cold Mountain Correctional Facility working in .

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The Green Mile Essay - The Green Mile by Frank Darabont is a unique story about a man named John Coffey. Coffey is on death row at a State Prison for a crime that many believe he did not commit. Read The Green Mile free essay and over 88, other research documents. The Green Mile. 1. The Green Mile has a huge connection to the seven Catholic social teachings. The first one, human life and /5(1).