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Sample essay on the Spanish Armada

Planning of the Armada Campaign

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They led a revolt against Spanish occupation under the leadership of William and later on his son Justin of Nassau after his father died. It is during the same period that England expanded its trade activities in s and s while building a strong navy.

Francis Drake therefore joined the navy as a very young boy and made his name by attacking different treasure ships sailing from America to Spain. This angered King Phillip and added up to his reasons to invade England. He then established a strong superiority navy under the Spanish Armada to spread Catholicism in England. The Duke of Medina Sidonia was elected the commander of the great Armada and on board, was army soldiers ready to invade England.

They fought a fierce battle before and during a stormy weather that destroyed many ships. This paper was written by a specialized writer at Essays Experts. We have a team of professionals that guarantee you only successful essays. Spanish Armada Armada is a popular Spanish word for a fleet. Consequently, this stubborn approach, ordered by Philip,.

On May 30, , they left the Port of Lisbon confident and assured of victory. If they would succeed in victory and conquer the enemy, then they would be the sole world power. If they win they will be victors of the biggest battle the world has ever seen.

The Spanish Armada, the biggest invading fleet Spain had ever launched, left Lisbon toward England and headed for the unknown. Spanish Armada was the strongest naval fleet in all Europe. However, these thoughts were proved wrong. This rendered them vulnerable to attack from the smaller, speedy English vessels. Also , the Spanish were not adept at using their canons and were only able to fire once every few minutes, whereas the more experienced English could fire five times more often.

However, the crucial mistake the Spanish made was not pressing home the advantage they had when the English ships were in harbour when the tide was against them. When we compare the Spanish tactics to that of the experienced English, it is easy to see why the Armada failed. Firstly, they had a brilliant and experienced leader in Sir Francis Drake.

Apart of being an amazing tactician, he was much loved by the ordinary sailor and they therefore were prepared to rally behind him even when the going got tough. Unlike the Spanish, the English ships were all crewed by experienced sailors who knew how to operate the cannons to fire a greater amount of balls and also maneuver the smaller and more modern English ships.

The smart English tactics also played a large part in their victory. Aware of the Spanish tactic of hooking in enemy ships, the English kept their distance and used their cannons to their full advantage.

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The Spanish Armada was a great Spanish fleet sent by King Philip II of Spain in to invade England. It was ironically called “Invincible.” During the late.

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The Spanish Armada - The Spanish Armada also called the Invincible Armada, and more correctly La Armada Grande. It was a fleet intended to invade England and to put an end to the English aggression against the Spanish Crown.

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9th Grade Global History Year 1 This essay was written for our 9th grade history department's project. It was to create a diorama, a three dimensional model, on a topic that was either given to us or we chose. I partnered up with one of my classmates and we both chose the topic The Spanish. Free Essay: The Spanish Armada The Spanish Armada, also called the Invincible Armada (infra), and more correctly La Armada Grande, was a fleet (I) intended.

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Spanish Armada was the strongest naval fleet in all Europe. However, these thoughts were proved wrong. In the year Queen Elizabeth of England came with her. % FREE Papers on The spanish armada essay. Sample topics, paragraph introduction help, research & more. Class , high school & college. -.