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Brokeback Mountain Essay Examples

by Annie Proulx

❶The story has been compared by some critics to a Greek tragedy or the story of star-crossed lovers, similar to Romeo and Juliet, But more accurately the story is about two rugged men living in a rugged terrain and a homophobic society, and it is a story about a relationship that simultaneously transcends and destroys both heroes as they try understand what drives their love and desire for one another and strive to have some kind of satisfactory relationship in the face of fear, denial and cultural stigma.

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April 04, 2006
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It is stark and completely whitewashed, inside and out. Here the first of two heart wrenching scenes featuring Ennis in a closet takes place.

Both have bloodstains from their tussle on one of their final days there. In the film, Ennis mentions that he believes he has lost his shirt on the mountain. In the book Proulx writes: He pressed his face into the fabric and breathed in slowly through his mouth and nose, hoping for the faintest smoke and mountain sage and salty sweet stink of Jack but there was no real scent, only the memory of it, the imagined power of Brokeback Mountain of which nothing was left but what he held in his hands" Proulx At the end of the film, Ennis is in his trailer and is visited by his now-grown daughter, Alma Jr.

Ennis at first refuses then agrees, and they have a toast. After Alma leaves, Ennis discovers she has forgotten her sweater.

He opens his closet door to put it away, and we see that he's created a small shrine to Jack inside his closet. Below it he drove a nail and on the nail he hung the wire hanger and the two old shirts suspended from it. He stepped back and looked at the ensemble through a few stinging tears.

But, while his dream at the beginning of the story steeps him in reverie, with fond and happy memories of Jack, in his dream at the end of the story, there is a darker and menacing feeling, one of grief and sorrow, danger and death. The camera pulls back from Ennis at his closet door to show us a wider view of the interior of his small cramped trailer, and then focuses in on a tiny window, which frames a constrained view of a field of bright yellow flowers and the blue mountain and sky in the background.

This scene of the exterior — of the great outdoors stands in sharp contrast to the small and enclosed private interior where Ennis seems trapped, standing in his closet with his shrine to his dead lover.

There are other significant differences in the film adaptation of the story. A beautiful, simple score by Gustavo Santaolalla features a lone guitar, with long silences in the melody, a perfect complement to the themes of the story. However, the message seems to be that despite their similarities, she is promised a happy and fulfilled life of love with her new husband, in stark contrast to her lonely, homosexual father. Ennis has an encounter with a bear on Brokeback Mountain.

Later, in a completely incongruous scene, he picks a fight with two rowdy, drunken bikers at a Fourth of July celebration, a scene that concludes with Ennis standing larger than life and victorious against a backdrop of exploding fireworks. Proulx was impressed with the film adaptation, despite her initial concerns.

None of that happened. The film is huge and powerful. I may be the first writer in America to have a piece of writing make its way to the screen whole and entire. While it is interesting to examine the similarities and differences in form and interpretation between the original short story and the film, it is also important to ask how and why this little story lent itself to such a critically-acclaimed, successful film at this time and what real impact on American culture the film was able to accomplish.

Proulx mused on this in a recent interview: It used to be that writing and architecture were the main carriers, permanent carriers, of culture and civilization. Now you have to add film to that list, because film is the vehicle of cultural transmission of our time. It would be insane to say otherwise, to say that the book is still the thing. Against all odds, a Western romance about two men, Brokeback Mountain, has corralled the cultural zeitgeist, making it safe for our national funny bone to come out of the closet.

There is certainly nothing humorous about this tale, yet Brokeback Mountain has, in many cases, become the foundation for a national joke. I just wanted to make a love story. The tragedy of this story is that not only do Ennis and Jack lose each other, but they also lose themselves, and are unable to clearly articulate their love or live satisfactory lives.

They are lost in memory, fantasy, fear and the constraints of their society. Brokeback Mountain indeed is riddled with numerous contradictions and juxtapositions: It is a story written by a female author about two men. It is a romantic love story, yet the characters are two rough, inarticulate Western men who are never able to communicate their love for one another.

The story begins in the s — a time in American history typically associated by free love and experimentation. Both appear in her collection of short stories, Close Range: Proulx emphasizes a heartbreaking tale of two homosexual individuals who struggle to be together, bound by the norms and rules of society. In a most peaceful setting, away from the world, two cowboys embody one of the most disquieting issues affecting our entire culture.

The pain experienced by every character is believable as is the anger. Proulx helps depict the depth of pain experienced when the object of love is socially unacceptable, and the anger one experiences when forced to live dishonestly. The point of view of the story is third person omniscient. The narration is real in tone and employs description and dialogue to examine the actions, emotions and thoughts of the characters.

Proulx describes a sequence of events from a beginning point in time, when the characters are introduced in the year in Wyoming, to the end of the story nearly 20 years later. Throughout the story, Ennis and Jack reunite for brief liaisons on camping trips in remote settings over the course of 20 years. Proulx uses setting details to heighten the thematic significance of the story. The story starts out with Ennis Del Mar getting a job on the mountain as a sheep herder with Jack Twist.

Day after day, Ennis tends the camp while Jack herds the sheep and sleeps out on the mountain with them. Toward the end of the summer when they shift the camp, the distance Ennis has to ride out to the sheep grows longer and he begins to stay later at the camp at night.

One evening, after the two sing drunken songs by the campfire, Ennis decides it is too late to go out to the sheep and so beds down at the campsite. After his shivering wakes Jack, he insists that Ennis share his bedroll.

Soon after, the two have sex, something Ennis had never done before. At the end of the summer, When Jack asks Ennis if he is coming back to the mountain the next summer, Ennis tells him that he will be getting married in December and then will try to find work on a ranch.

Jack determines to go back home and then maybe to Texas, and the two say an awkward goodbye. When Jack first arrives, he and Ennis share a passionate embrace, watched by Alma. When Jack meets Alma, he announces that he too is married and has a baby boy.

After a few awkward moments, Ennis and Jack leave, pick up a bottle of whiskey and head for a motel where they spend the night together. They talk of how they missed each other and Jack suggests that he married his wife, Lureen, because she came from a wealthy family. Ennis admits that he has been thinking about whether he is gay, but insists that he is not because though he does not enjoy sex with women, he has not been with any other man.

Jack declares the same. After the two express their passion for each other, Ennis determines that nothing can be done since they both have families and warns Jack that if they are seen together, they may be killed. Eventually, they divorce and Alma remarries but stays in touch with Ennis and lets him visit their children. During the following years, Ennis and Jack occasionally meet on different ranges throughout the West.

One night, they catch each other up on their lives, both admitting affairs with women and problems with their own children. After complaining about the infrequency of their time together, Jack suggests that they move to Mexico, but Ennis declines, insisting that he has to stay and work.

Ennis suspects, however, that he was murdered after he was caught with another man. Inside the shirt, he finds one of his own. Before Ennis leaves, Mr.

Ennis would have dreams of Jack and visions of their time in Brokeback Mountain, which fills him with both sorrow and joy. I think both Ennis and Jack changed because they were both very masculine, rough, cowboys who had never been with a man before until they had a sexual encounter with each other and realized they were in love.

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The movie Brokeback Mountain is adapted from a piece of writing from by Annie Proulx. The novel, and consequently the movie, revolves around feelings that dare not speak their name.

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Adaptation of Brokeback Mountain from Short Story to Feature Film Essays - Literature is a one track medium, invoking "unfixed" images that is, many specific details are supplied by the reader. On the other hand, film is a five track medium of fixed, specific images and sounds. Film Analysis: Brokeback Mountain Essay. Words 3 Pages. Final Project: Brokeback Mountain The movie discussed in this project is Brokeback Mountain, directed by Ang Lee. This movie was released on The movie is about two young men, Ennis Del Mar and Jack Twist, that get a job taking care of sheeps during the summer on Brokeback.

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“Brokeback Mountain” by Annie Proulx “Brokeback Mountain”Annie Proulx was born on August 22, , in Norwich, Connecticut, into a family of farmers, mill workers, inventors, and artists whose ancestors had lived there for three centuries. BROKEBACK MOUNTAIN, Yasir Arafat Brokeback Mountain is directed by Ang Lee in , a romantic drama film which is adaptation of the short story that appeared in The New Yorker titled by E. Annie Proulx with the same name are linked with several common themes.