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Technology Now and Then

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❶Playing a video game is now a full body experience and you can even get a work out or dance with an interactive coach. In , the switchboard was invented.

Computers began to take up new roles in various forms and in the early Yes, people were able to use the internet in their homes. The internet connected people all around the world allowing them to share messages, photos, music and important documents with family and friends.

The fourth generation started the expansion of advanced technology for the 21 SST century. Computers are used in almost every home for everyday use, to store all of our important documents, pictures, calendars and serve as a primary means of communication with businesses, family, and friends.

Computers are a staple in the workplace, execute the majority of the business programs and serve as a primary source of communication. Looking back at the technology from back then, technology sure has come such a long way and has provided us assistance in executing new innovative ideas. Alexander Graham Bell invented the first telephone and made the first all in The first telephone did not work very well and most people thought it was a silly toy.

In , the switchboard was invented. The switchboard was the central location used to connect other people with phones making it easier to communicate. Within a few year, many people in the Ignited States had a telephone. The first cell phone was mobile, had a 1 hour talk time and had an antenna.

It was also called the brick because of its massive size and weight. We may think this was a horrible phone but the brick was considered revolutionary back then because t was the first Of its kind. As time went on the cell phone improved size, weight and battery life. Internal antennas were also added along with SMS messaging and even some games.

Then, the 20th century started the smartened revolution. The cell phone of the late 20th century was a mini-computer and could now be used for surfing the internet, storing APS, your camera, your calendar, an ump-player and your remote control. Now days, many people cannot live without this technology on a day to day basis, and many people would be lost without it.

Another product that advanced through time with technology was the video name console. In Managing released the Managing Odyssey which was the first generation video game console that could be connected to a television. The consoles used video cartridges that used simples basic designs for games. Every morning, other than on Fridays, the principal would come on the intercom and say the pledge of allegiance.

Where as on Fridays, the broadcast crew, from Monday through Thursday would practice and record on a VCR tape the Friday announcements plus the highlights of that week. In the four classes, as they would have called them, core classes: If a sentence or point of the text was felt to be important the teacher would write it out on the chalkboard, which sometimes made you clench your jaw because the sound of the chalk grazing the board would create a painful noise that no one could bare to hear.

The upside to the chalk boards was to be chosen by the teacher to leave class and go outside to bang out the powder from the chalk in the fat, black, foam eraser. I am now a freshman in college, it is critical that I have the technology such as a computer and Wi-Fi to even begin to try to succeed in my classes. Daily announcements have been around for a while now, but due to the advance in technology, announcements are currently sent via email.

To receive these emails you have to have connection to the internet, and most importantly you have to have a device such as a computer or smart phone to access it. In the duration of a class lecture, given by a professor, there is a projector that spits out an exact replica of what is on the computer screen the teacher is using to teach the class. With the image of the teachers screen on a wall, where everyone in the class can see, there is a PowerPoint or a document with a brief overview of what the teacher is lecturing about; which is great so that no one can get lost in what they should or should not be looking at.

As for tests, teachers create a test with different versions so the questions are not all the same for cheating reasons. These versions of tests that the teacher created are given to every student in that class, along with a long rectangular piece of paper with a bunch of bubbles labeled A, B, C, D, E, and even sometimes F; which is called a scantron. The tests are not to be written on, but to only be read and the answers should be marked on the scantron. There is a machine that the teacher feeds through the answer sheet first, and then the machine memorizes the answers while the teacher feeds through the entire classes scantrons to be graded.

So yes, most tests now are multiple choice, this reason being for faster, more efficient grading done by the teachers. Teachers having projectors that are connected to a computer, rather than, a textbook and a white board to write on, for an example, is a significant part of teaching nowadays.

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Technology in Education, Then and Now Technology is changing the way we live and do work, but it’s also transforming the way we learn. Technology has proven to be a key device used to increase efficiency in education.

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Now and Then Once upon a time, there were friendly places near and far Boy is that an understatement in today's society! Today's society depends upon .

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Essays - largest database of quality sample essays and research papers on Then And Now Technology. Technology, Then and Now The first internal combustion engine was developed in the early s, which is still today the primary power source of the/5(1).

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The technology now assists the teachers to be able to show students a certain amount of material much faster than if they had to read it word for word from a book and then to write out the key points on a board. Jul 22,  · compare and contrast technology now and before. In this modern world, it is hard to imagine living without the aid of technology. Some people say that technology has changed the world by making ones life easier and fun.