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Financial help with going to school

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❶If their teachers and parents don't treat these as normal developmental milestones, they can turn into sources of stress.

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There are smarter ways to pay for school than piling on student loan debt!

There is also a scheme for second-level students who are disadvantaged by living a long way from school. The details of the various schemes are set out below.

The Back to School Clothing and Footwear Allowance helps meet the costs of uniforms and footwear for students going to school. To be eligible for the Back to School Clothing and Footwear Allowance, the parent or guardian must be getting certain social welfare benefits or payments for training, employment schemes or adult education and total household income must be below a certain amount.

Funding under the Free Education Scheme is available to State primary and post-primary schools to help with the cost of school books. Funding comes from the Department of Education and Skills and the scheme is administered in each school by the school principal.

The scheme is mainly aimed at pupils from low-income families and families experiencing financial hardship. It can be used to set up a book rental scheme within the school or help individual students buy books. The Department of Education prefers schools to use it to set up book rental schemes as this helps more students from low income families.

You can find out more about the scheme in the Department's publication A Guide for Parents: Text Book Rental Scheme in Schools.

Information about the operation of the scheme in your child's school is available from the school principal. Sometimes with too much stress kids get immobilized. It's a fine line for a parent to walk. On the one hand, a child needs age-appropriate limits and guidance. On the other hand, parents often refuse to let the learning process run its course.

Instead of paying kids a dollar for an 'A,' tell them how proud you are of them -- and say, 'aren't you proud of yourself? That makes them like the people who come to work just for the money, and always complain about the job. Who could be more of a drag to be around?

Hall says it's just not fair for parents to demand higher standard for their kids than they themselves face. It is not how we, ourselves, operate. If a child is incapacitated by stress, it may be necessary for the family to seek professional help from a child psychologist or child psychiatrist.

But with stress as with so much else, prevention is the key. Know that school is a long-term process. One immediate success or failure is not going to determine a child's life.

We parents can and must learn to accept that growth -- and the fact that it is going to be unpredictable. What we can do is show constant love and support and presence. That is the most important message: They help alleviate stress," DeBord says. It also helps kids learn to develop routines themselves. Family meetings are important. At the beginning of school, set a weekly time to regroup and to talk about what's going on and how it will work: Give everybody a chance to talk.

Bryant advises letting kids know that you will help them solve the problems that can lead to misbehaving. There is a balance between setting limits, being open to communicating, and punishment. Limits are different than punishment. I am all for setting limits, but punishment is too often used because parents don't recognize the stress that kids are under. They don't want to [misbehave], but they [don't yet know] how to maintain friendships and relationships with parents despite the [peer] pressure," she says.

Stress means different things at different ages. Here's a rundown on how stress affects children in elementary, middle, and high school. Elementary-school kids haven't fully learned self-control. They are still honing their social skills.

They're learning how to make friends, how to handle aggression, how to control their urges and emotions. If their teachers and parents don't treat these as normal developmental milestones, they can turn into sources of stress. The enjoyment of learning comes naturally to them. Helping them build on that foundation will take them far when they start learning reading and other skills. Kids need something concrete. Instead of saying, 'What did you do today? Say, 'Tell me where you played.

Were there balls and equipment? Did you play in groups? Reading or math may be difficult for you, but you're expected to do a lot of it. You may be getting farther and farther behind, and it may seem like you'll never catch up.

Maybe you're dealing with worries, stress, or problems that make it hard to concentrate on schoolwork. When you stop to think about why you don't like school, you can start taking steps to make things better. It's a good idea to talk to someone about your problems with school. Your mom, dad, relative, teacher, or school counselor will be able to help you. It's especially important to tell an adult if the problem is that you're being bullied or someone hurts you physically.

Another good idea is to write down your feelings about school in a journal. You can use a journal or diary or just write in an ordinary notebook. It's a great way to let out emotions that may be stuck inside you. And you don't have to share what you've written with others. If you feel disorganized or like you can't keep up with your schoolwork, your teachers and school counselors want to help.

Teachers want and expect you to ask for help when you have trouble learning. If all of your subjects seem really hard, a school counselor can help you sort things out. Special help with schoolwork is available if you need it.

Try not to let the problems go on too long. It's easier to catch up on one chapter than the whole book! Now, what can you change on the "don't like" list?

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The assistance given will help them pay for school supplies for the year. Qualified households can get money or free gift cards to buy school supplies including backpacks, shoes, clothes, uniforms, books and more.

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School is a fact of life, and getting an education can help you build the kind of future life you want. So let's talk about school and what to do when you don't like it. Signs of School . Educational Assistance: Students with a financial need can receive assistance through the Federal Pell Grant Program. In addition, students can access assistance through The Montana Higher Education Student Assistance Corporation.