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'Rebel Without a Cause'Film Review - Essay Example

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❶Keep your cage of responsible rules and expectations around him as he rattles that cage. Rebel Without a Cause Essay.

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Essay title: 1950's Movie Essay: “rebel Without a Cause”
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Throughout the entirety of the film Jim constantly seems to be droning out his problems, whether it be with a toy monkey of with a rebellious facade, which subconsciously distracts him from his true issues. The only manner in which he feels he can accurately expose his emotions is through rebellion. Being that Jim is a somewhat complicated teenager his thoughts often seem to be consumed with questions. Jim questions his masculinity, his choices, the meaning of his life and his purpose.

This confusion within him leads him to become desperate for answers and since his parents do not seem to offer him a solution he rebels in order to find one on his own. Jim chooses to rebel in various different manners. With his parents Jim questions their roles, specifically his fathers feminine mannerisms. A clear depiction of this is when Jim encounters his father in a frilly yellow apron cleaning up a tray of spilled food. At the sight of this Jim becomes infuriated with his father and tells him to stand up and be a man.

This scene is later repeated later in the film when Jim returns home after the death of Buzz. Wearing a bright red jacket, to represent his destructive nature, over his pristine white shirt, that represents his true purity, Jim heads out the cliff where him and Buzz will drive stolen cars close to the water and jump out beforehand, the winner being the one who jumps out last.

She knew the role of Judy would help her to break into adult roles, and also to wrest control of her career from her domineering mother, Maria Gurdin.

Ray was immediately drawn to Wood, writer and friend Gavin Lambert recalls. But it was not only her youth that appealed to him, Lambert thought. Wood got the part, not just due to her affair with Ray but because he recognized in her a rebellious spirit trying desperately to break out.

A lost childhood had left Natalie painfully insecure, and her personal life soon foundered: He is reported to have said: Live Fast, Die Young. In the film, Dean embodied the s conflict between American youth and their parents. It was a conflict marked by various symptoms of social unrest — drugs, violence, sexual promiscuity, anxiety over the future, and alienation.

The teens try to fit in with their peers and find the love they so desperately need from their families and others like their peers. The film also compares to the general view America has of the period of the s.

For these reasons, Rebel Without A Cause is an essential film in understanding the s. The film tells a tale of the restless and somewhat misunderstood rebellious and defiant American youth.

This film has achieved cult status through the years as was the springboard for other s movies trying to portray the same exploitation of teenage rebellion and delinquency. Perhaps what makes this film of such cultural value is that unlike other teenage rebellious films of this generation, it takes a more sympathetic look at the situation and uses tragedy to get the value across.

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In the movie, "Rebel Without a Cause", it shows us three middle class teens (Jim, Judy, and Plato) who become rebellious because of problems within their families. The false interpretation of teenage rebellion is justified in this movie. We see three teenagers who are completely victimized by their parents.

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Rebel Without A Cause, released in , is a film that sympathetically portrays the rebellious, misunderstood, American middle-class youth. The story provides a full, but stylized look at the world of the conformist mids. Critics of the 's industry in America have claimed that it is /5(5).

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Rebel Without a Cause study guide contains a biography of director Nicholas Ray, literature essays, quiz questions, major themes, characters, and a . s Movie Essay: Rebel Without A Cause Introduction Rebel Without A Cause is a very popular film from It depicts life in the 's from the viewpoint of three teenagers who live in Los Angeles, California.

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Rebel Without a Cause() was a movie that was ahead of its time in terms of its symbolism and its direction. What many considered to be taboo, the film challenged the boundaries of society's rules and yet reflected what so many had tried to keep hidden. Rebel without a cause exemplifies the incompetence of Jim’s parents to act as responsible adults, and their unwillingness to help their child become an adult. In the police station at the beginning of the movie.