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Essay on Communication

Essay on Communication

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Why good communication skills are important?
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It is a process in which man is the objective as well as the tool of development. All objectives of transformation are to make man live as a human being, with better clothing, food, shelter, health and education. This cannot be achieved without man's involvement. He cannot be involved unless the whole process of development is communicated to him as a desirable and acceptable objective. Communication, thus, becomes a key factor in the process of development. Thus, communication is very important in fostering the development process in a country.

It can be a powerful instrument in integrating diversified society. It can create an ethos of change and progress.

Communication by itself does not produce development. Communication should be designed or tailored to fit the various development projects. This can be done by experimenting on communication strategies for development. Communication is very important for development planners and practitioners as they mediate between specialists and layman. They are required to develop and use effective communication strategies in order to play their role effectively.

Communication is the foundation upon which development planner builds various programs of attaining the goals of economic and social advancement of society by communicating the knowledge of useful technology. It means that the advancement of the country lies in the effectiveness of its communication system at every level. Thus, communication occupies a pivotal position in the process of development. In the field of extension education, communication serves as the most vital means in convincing people for the acceptance and adoption of innovations.

Extension education involves communication of technical know-how to the people. The sender or receiver can be an individual or a group. All communication carries a message. Message can be in the form of information, a directive, an enquiry, a feeling, an opinion, an idea, or in any other form.

Communication must be able to evoke a response from the receiver, which would be evident in the form of some behavioural changes. The method of communication can be verbal, that is, through words, or non-verbal, that is, through signs, gestures, expressions, etc. All these five elements can also be called the process of communication, that is, sender, message, method, receiver, and response of receiver.

Verbal communication is the use of words and languages for interaction between two or more individuals. It can be either oral or written. Hence, speaking, listening, reading, or writing are all classified under verbal communication. Since this type of communication elicits immediate feedback, in organizations, we make extensive use of verbal communication.

Non-verbal communication can occur without use of words. In organizations, non-verbal communication is very important for interpersonal relations. Based on organizational practices, communication can further be divided into internal and external, formal and informal, downward and upward, horizontal and diagonal, and grapevine. Flow of information within the organization is known as internal communication, which may be either formal or informal in nature. External communication takes place between two organizations, that is, between the organizations and others outside the organizations.

Formal communication is official communication, while informal communication takes place between members within the formal organization. Communication that flows from superiors to subordinates is downward communication, whereas communication that flows from subordinates to superiors is upward communication.

Diagonal communication cuts across the hierarchical barriers.

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Rules of Communication - Communication Communication is a process of imparting or transferring thoughts from one entity to another either through language or writing or some other signs (Wrench, McCroskey & Richmond, ).

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“Communication is the imparting or interchange of thoughts, opinions, or information by speech, writing, or signs”-American College Dictionary. The word communication has many ramifications. It is basically a process of interaction with the people and their environment. Unlike most editing & proofreading services, we edit for everything: grammar, spelling, punctuation, idea flow, sentence structure, & more. Get started now!

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The matter in an essay on communication should be relevant to the topic and should be informative regarding to the topic of communication essay. For writing communication essays, the writers have to follow some guidelines, which will help them in writing a communication essay that will be of good quality. Importance of communication essays Communication is the foundation for sharing information between people to ensure that everything is understood and can be acted upon. Without good communication, missions fail and others can not help to fulfill the mission.