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Can You Open a Narrative Essay With a Question?

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❶The well-executed quotation is one way to draw your reader in to your essay.

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How to Start an Essay: Easy Tips to Help You Get Started
Key Rules on How to Start an Essay

Not all sources of information are legitimate, so looking at an academic source rather than an internet source may be more accurate. Starting your paper with a glaring mistake will set a bad precedent for the rest of your ideas. Be particularly aware of quotations found on social media such as Pinterest, or on quote aggregators such as Brainyquote.

These sources are notorious for mis-attributing and even making up famous quotes. Be true to the meaning and context of the quote. This is tied to academic honesty.

Do not manipulate a quotation to fit your purposes by leaving out words or misleading the audience about the context of the quotation. Use a fragment of a long quote. If the quotation is long, or you only need part of it to make your point, you can leave sections out by using an ellipses ….

If you need to substitute a word, place square brackets around the word to indicate that you made a change. Changes should be made only to preserve clarity or to change length, not to manipulate the content of the quotation. The quotation needs to be introduced in your own words. This can come either before or after the quote itself. You should identify the speaker of the quotation. Provide context for the quotation. Particularly if your quote is the first sentence in your paper, be sure to provide sentences of explanation and context.

There should be a clear sense of why you are choosing to use the quotation and why it is important to the rest of your paper. Connect the quotation to your thesis. You should provide an explicit connection between the quotation and your thesis, or the central argument of your paper.

Be sure that using the quotation enhances, rather than distracting from, your argument. I have students put a quote by itself at the beginning of the paper. How should this be formatted in MLA? If it's a free standing quote to begin the essay, you don't need to reference it through MLA format.

Just put it in quotation marks, italicize it, and give credit to whoever said it. Not Helpful 6 Helpful That will depend on what type of formatting you're using. If you're writing your essay using MLA formatting, there are numerous ways you could cite a quote, including putting the author's name and the relevant page number in parentheses behind the quote.

For example, you could say, "According to some, dreams express 'profound aspects of personality' Foulkes , though others disagree. All quotes need proper acknowledgment to explain where you got your information and maintain your credibility. If the speaker is important, give that person's name in a signal phrase. Add information about the source if needed for context, such as, "As Ancient Greek historian Herodotus said For papers that use Modern Language Association MLA format, give the author along with a page number for print sources.

An online MLA quote looks like this:. For American Psychological Association APA style papers, include the date and either a page or paragraph number for direct quotes, like this example:. Kristie Sweet has been writing professionally since , most recently publishing for various websites on topics like health and wellness, and education. How to Use a Quote in a Speech. How to Write a Hook for a Speech. How to Write a Long Quote in an Essay.

How to Cite if an Author Is a Doctor. The introduction to a narrative essay sets the stage for the story you're about to tell, creating context through details, setting and other relevant background facts. A thesis that introduces the point of your narrative is also a key component of the intro.

The introductory paragraph narrows the focus of your narrative essay. Since this essay style tells a story, narrowing your focus means choosing a specific event to describe. Decide what you want readers to learn from the essay; this takeaway message becomes part of your introduction to prepare readers for what they will read. With that story and purpose in mind, outline the key pieces of information -- the who, what, why, when and where of the anecdote.

This framework helps you create an engaging intro that relates directly to the essay content. Start with a quote, anecdote or fact to engage readers from the first sentence of your essay.

If your essay shares your story of being injured and missing out on an important sports event, for example, you might use a quote about overcoming adversity or a description of the injury. Avoid boring or wordy introductory sentences, such as, "I'm going to tell you the story of a time when I had to overcome a difficult period in my life.

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Unlike other essays in which you may need to argue or prove something, a narrative essay is about telling a story. Quite often, of course, this will be .

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However, you can open a narrative essay with a question as long as the question fulfills the other obligations of a strong introduction. Get Back to Basics A strong introduction accomplishes two basic tasks: it grabs the reader’s attention, luring the reader into the story, and it presents the topic that will be explored within the essay.

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Starting an essay with a quote, you need to find a way to make your writing impressive. Follow a guide to take your readers attention with a great topic, strong thesis containing the main point and idea, and valuable information. In this case, quotation marks are used. Indirect dialogue is a second-hand report of something that was said or written but NOT the exact words in their original form. When writing a narrative essay, you are telling a story. That story can become confusing for the reader, though, when dialogue is added, unless it’s very clear who is doing the talking.

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Any quotation must clearly relate to your topic, including a quote used as an introductory hook. A quote seemingly unrelated to your point distracts your readers rather than drawing them in. Choose a quote that fits the tone and focus of the essay. For instance, a humorous quote does not set up a paper on slavery well. Dialogue in Narrative Essays. In addition, the Kibin personal narrative essay examples can show you what dialogue looks like incorporated into a complete essay. If you don’t think you quite have the hang of it when you’re done writing, you can send your essay to the Kibin editors for advice on how to fix it.