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Brief Essay on the Darwin’s Theory of Natural Selection

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❶The idea that members of a species compete with each other for resources and that individuals that are better adapted to their lifestyle have a better chance of surviving to reproduce revolutionized the field of evolution, though it was not accepted until several decades after Darwin first proposed it.

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Sexual Selection and Natural Selection - Selection is the functional relationship between phenotypes and fitness. Natural selection is the production of organisms according to their physical attributes whereby off springs of the younger generations takes the strong, desired and inheritable aspects of .

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This paper gives an explanation of Darwin's theory of natural selection. As well, the paper fully gives a description of natural selection in terms of "modern evolutionary synthesis" of the 20th century. The paper also gives application of the principles of natural selection to explain the current problem of antibiotics resistance in bacteria.

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On the basis of these objections and other scientific researches it can be said that natural selection is not the only chief cause of evolution. Darwin himself said that, "The natural selection is an important cause of variation but not its sole reason. Natural Selection and Patterns of Evolution Worksheet Essay Associate Level Material Appendix F Natural Selection and Patterns of Evolution Worksheet Complete the worksheet writing to word short answers for each question.

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