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What is academic writing?

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❶Studies have shown that writing can help people deal with serious illness or losing a job.

What Is Academic Writing?

What Is the Difference Between Business Writing and Academic Writing?
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Plagiarism Common knowledge Referencing styles What type of source is this? What is academic writing? These rules and practices may be organised around a formal order or structure in which to present ideas, in addition to ensuring that ideas are supported by author citations in the literature. In contrast to personal writing contexts, academic writing is different because it deals with the theories and causes of a given topic, as well as exploring alternative explanations for these events.

Show all Hide all. Essays In the case of an essay, the introductory paragraph informs the reader about the nature of the topic, which is discussed and evaluated in the middle of the essay, also referred to as the body. The introduction may also summarise very succinctly, in a sentence or two, your position on the issue which is called a thesis statement , which is then elaborated on at length in the series of paragraphs that make up the essay's body.

The final paragraph constitutes a conclusion where you may summarise the overall points made. You should not introduce new information in the conclusion. The concluding paragraph is also a good point at which to move the essay forward to touch on implications or future advancements surrounding the issues addressed. Reports Another type of structure, common in university assignments is that of a report, often organised around the identification of problems or difficulties and corresponding solutions.

Further, unlike an essay, reports allow for bulleted points with respect to the conclusions and recommendations sections. If you make claims, judgements or statements about something in academic writing, there is an expectation that you will support your opinion by linking it to what a published author has previously written about the issue. Citing the work of other authors is central to academic writing because it shows you have read the literature, understood the ideas, and have integrated these issues and varying perspectives into the assignment task.

The importance placed on referring to other authors in your work can be reflected in the elaborate referencing conventions that have been created within different disciplines, such as APA American Psychological Association referencing, which is used in psychology, education, some social sciences, as well as for business.

Academic writing typically aims to be: In academic writing, the use of contractions is forbidden. However, in personal writing, contractions are acceptable and are often used.

It is not uncommon to find short and direct sentences when reading personal writing. In academic writings, the use of short sentences is minimal, and the use of complex sentences is usually heavy. Slang or colloquialisms are never used in academic writing, while it is very common to see it in personal writing.

Formal writing includes documents such as essays, thesis papers and business correspondences. Formal writing is used in newspapers, magazines and published journals. You should also present an informed opinion that goes beyond your personal feelings to provide credible information or useful insights.

Suppose that you keep a journal. You notice that you deal with difficult situations better when you write about them. At this point, you have a personal opinion: Journal writing helps people deal with problems. The only basis for your opinion is your personal experience. However, what's true for you might not be true for everyone. Is there any objective evidence that keeping a journal is good for you?

Studies have shown that writing can help people deal with serious illness or losing a job. Now you have an informed opinion: How do I develop an informed opinion? This example shows how a writer moved from a personal reaction to an informed opinion. His first reaction to an article on suicide terrorism was "This makes no sense! I find it hard to believe that logic has anything to do with their tactics.

This guy must be wrong. February 2, After reading more about my topic, I have to admit that Pape was right. Several studies have found that suicide terrorists are normal individuals.

But I can't fight the evidence; I'm going to have to change my thesis. So why do normal people decide to blow themselves up for a cause? Volkan's ideas about identification with a terrorist group may help me explain that.

Despite Americans' perception that suidicde bombers are insane, most are not mentally ill.

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If you’re writing something for personal use or personal financial gain, there is a different set of rules. By examining the various audiences that you will encounter, you will gain a better understanding of the differences between academic and personal writing.

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The personal writing is expressive and casual. It uses informal language like "this guy" and provides no evidence. In contrast, academic writing is objective and uses formal language. In research-based writing, you should avoid slang and spell out contractions like it's and don't.

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Academic writing makes use of complex sentences, while personal writing does not, and academic writing focuses more on word choice. Academic writing does not contain slang or colloquialisms, but personal writing does. Personal and Academic Writing: Revisiting the Debate been dismissed by some as passé (see, for example, Thomas Kent’s edited collection Post-Process Theory: Beyond the Writing-Process Paradigm), Robert Yagelski validates Elbow’s approach as “especially compelling in our time of educational conformity and intellectual rigidity” ().

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[email protected] is the home of Colorado State University's open-access learning environment, the Writing Studio. Use this site to write, learn to write, take writing classes, and access resources for writing teachers. Academic writing refers to a style of expression that researchers use to define the intellectual boundaries of their disciplines and their specific areas of expertise.