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Spare the rod and spoil the child Essay Sample

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❶I grew up knowing that charity began from our home but even then it took a few strokes on my behind in school to correct some of my errors that could not be detected at home. What then leads the best way to discipline?

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Spare the rod and spoil the child Essay Sample
Spare The Rod and Spoil The Child.

So if you don't discipline the child the child will become spoiled and a brat. Well, "spare the rod and spoil the child" has nothing to do with spanking, corporal punishment or just punishment per se. It refers to discipline a very different concept to punishment! The rod is actually a shepherd's crook and not a stick for smacking children or anything else like that.

I think you can look to our society for a lot of good examples. The more people begin believing that spanking is definately abuse without differentiating between the two, the more children are using drugs, having babies outside of wedlock at ages 9 and even younger, shooting and killing other children, and a general moral decline.

We have been sparing the rod, and the majority of children I see today are spoiled. Parents even complain if they don't work hard enough to get to play sports and get upset if they are kicked out of school for cheating.

Nowadays, it does not imply beating, rather, sparing any discipline at all will result in an unruly child. A spoiled child was considered one that would not be able to make decisions, take care of them self, or learn skills useful in securing their own future.

I don't really know why you're looking for a good essay, but if you really want to know about this topic than I would recommend two books, that are amazing! The Strong-willed Child by Dr.

Why are you interested in child abuse? There are better ways to discipline a child. Related Questions Can you help me to write an essay with this title ''Spare the rod and spoil the child''? The writer argues that "Njal's Saga" and "Laxdaela's S This research paper realtes the history and tremendous success of the Quaker Oats Food Company.

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But I want all the mothers in this world to take this as a lesson. My mother should have disciplined me as a child when I got into the wrong path. If she had guided me properly, I would not have become a thief. But she did not do her duty well. So here I am as a seasoned criminal in front of you now. The judges listened to her patiently and then told her, "The law of the land is the same for every one.

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Topic: “Spare the rod, spoil the child”. As we know, children are our hope in the future of each country. As we know, children are our hope in the future of each country. They should have a good care and training.

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Spare the rod and spoil the child Essay Sample. Today’s debate over spanking as discipline or punishment rages as never before. Proponents of spanking quote the adage, “Spare the rod and spoil the child,” as though it were . Spare the Rod and Spoil the Child I was really enjoying service last Sunday, because my pastor I must admit is good at what he was called to do- crack jokes and preach the word of God. He shared a story about his childhood during service and that gave me the inspiration for this write up.

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It goes, “Love is a Boy, / by Poets styl’d, / Then Spare the Rod, / and spill the Child. ” Spill was a commonly accepted form of the word “spoil” in The phrase probably became popular and evolved as the English language evolved. Spare the rod spoil the child” Corporal punishment shapes character. Many people might say getting chastised never hurt anyone. Many people might say getting chastised never hurt anyone. However, some others might disagree with that statement, because some parent may overdo it and it turns to child abuse.